Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Water..... The True Gift for a Healthy Life

This Human body is designed to work and perform so perfectly when we take care of it. I had no idea how truly miraculous this body is. The abilities of its defense mechanisms to keep us healthy and protect us from harm are simply extraordinary.

We demand & expect a lot from this body, don't we? We are sleep deprived. We eat unhealthfully. We don't exercise. We work long hours. We rush the kids here and everywhere. We eat too much. We drink too much. We skip meals. We smoke. We take pill after pill after pill. We get stressed from limited time & too much to do. We "bark" at our spouses, partners, friends, and kids. We are obese. We are overweight. We are sick from diseases of excess.

and, yet, this body.. in all its wonder.... keeps working for us.... until one day.... it breaks down like an old beat up 1962 Chrysler that ran out of gas and the tires fell off.

WOW!! What now? We need an opportunity to reboot...reset....recycle.....start over..... we need to heal.

Dr Alan Goldhamer, Director and Founder of True North Health & Wellness Center in Santa Rosa California, states: "Water-only fasting offers extraordinary potential for health and healing and for some conditions it appears to be the most effective treatment available."

Ok.. so I know for most of my Facebook buds and blog followers.... this sounds bonkers....right? I totally understand. I thought the same thing myself 5 years ago before I jumped off and dove into a 29 day water-only fast to treat my Systemic Lupus. After 6 years of what seemed an endless amount of pills, blood tests, and doctor appointments, I took the suggestion of one of my clients whose daughter had just returned from a 40 day water-only fast to cure her health issues.

We forget that water-only fasting has been around since way before Christ. In fact, it was one of only a few methods of medical treatments for centuries. During the 20th century we saw western medical science take over with innovations in surgical procedures, "miracle" drugs, & radiation therapy. Water-only fasting was overshadowed and forgotten.

At the end of the 20th century, we see the U.S. is now the sickest nation in the world....with 2/3rd's of its population sick-fat-unhealthy and our children suffering from these same adult issues.....we realize these 20th century "wonder treatments" are not working. If you are a healthy individual... you are actually considered to be abnormal.

The amazing ability of the body to heal itself thru water-only fasting is resurfacing. In Dr. Alan Goldhamer's article, "Fasting Back to the Future," he elaborates on this new awakening:

"After decades of collective awe of modern medicine and its purveyors, a strong undercurrent of disillusionment began to appear. There came the beginnings of a philosophical revolution that would lead health science in a promising new direction.

This new direction centers on the realization that health and healing are best supported when the biological roots of our nature are understood and respected. This new philosophical approach is based on the awareness that health and healing are natural processes. As a result, the focus of attention has increasingly shifted away from the traditional medical emphasis on drugs and surgery toward an exploration of the circumstances and requirements necessary to unleash and enhance these natural processes."

Today is my first day of a 21 day water-only fast. I take this journey regularly to keep my Systemic Lupus in remission and to keep me medication... free. It's been 5 years this month that I said "Goodbye to my last Plaquenil, my last Prednisone, my last pain killer and my last muscle relaxer." No more monthly travel down to Houston to see the Rheumatologist and Endocrinologist. No more monthly blood work looking for protein in my kidneys. No more visual field eye checks for side effects of the Plaquenil. I have cut the chains and I am FREE.

When people find out that I water fast...... the responses are from one end of the reaction spectrum to the other. Some gasp and their mouths drop with disbelief. Some have a look on their face that says "did she just say she went 29 days with no food and just water?" And some are very interested out of curiosity and wonder. So many people ask me tons of questions about this unorthodox and "off the wall" treatment that I decided to blog this 21 day journey.

I will take you thru the daily occurrences, issues, & symptoms that I experience. Everyone is different when they fast and have very unique and individual reactions. I've fasted long enough now that I know pretty muchly what to expect. However, every time I am amazed at something new and different that occurs as this incredible body of mine takes on its job of healing.

Tomorrow I will share how I prepare for the fast, what is needed to fast, and what I do with my time while fasting.

Meanwhile... checkout the True North website to read more about the reawakening of the miracle of water-only fasting.

I invite you to come along on this journey with me. Live it thru my eyes and experiences. You might decide it is something you want to try.


Until Next Time.....


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