Monday, October 19, 2009

Who Says “Nobody Likes Mushy Watermelon?”

My dear, sweet Hubby Bear hates it when watermelon season comes to an end. Each year, as the curtain is drawn on watermelons; he brings home just one more in hopes that he can have one last brilliantly red, ripe, firm melon that cracks open as soon as the knife pierces the rhine. And each year is the same..... we end up with a mushy, old and tasteless melon that goes in the trash.

Ok, so we have a ton of deer that always dine on our pasture every evening and early morning. All sizes, from baby deer to teens to Momma and Dad. “The Deer Family,” is what we call them. So, I thought... “Hey.. instead of throwing out this mushy melon, I am going to cut it up into “deer-manageable” pieces and toss it around the pasture!” I just knew they would love the change to something sweet and yummy. (At least "sweet and yummy" to them..)

The melon was cut and loaded into a box. Bear and I distributed it across the pasture one evening. I just knew “The Deer Family” would come running and jumping outta the woods yelling, “Hey guys! Look! It’s watermelon for supper tonight!” Well, to my disappointment, nothing happened. Not that evening, not the next morning, the day or that next evening. Mushy watermelon was still there.

Gosh, I would have thought if “The Deer Family” did not like watermelon, at least the raccoons or squirrels or ‘dillos or some little critter would enjoy it!!! Hubby Bear said...”Nobody likes mushy watermelon, including the critters!”

Well, yesterday afternoon I decided to walk out to the melon to see if there had been any “nibbles,” at least. And much to my surprise and astonishment...... there ARE some little critters enjoying that mushy watermelon..... The BEES!!! Who wudda thought? There were thousands (well, maybe not thousands.. but a heck of a lot!) of bees all over each piece of the bright red melon. I got just close enough to get a quick picture.

So, now we know..... “Bees, love mushy watermelon!!”

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