Wednesday, September 16, 2009

When I Can See Again....

Overhearing a chilling diagnosis, I was stunned. I was so thankful that I was not on the receiving end. Sitting in a dark room waiting for my eyes to dilate, I was there for my annual eye check. I really don't enjoy this as it takes a good bit of my day for the exam and then it takes the rest of the day until I can see again. This time, I left with a whole new outlook and I am thankful for the raving review for myself.

I kept thinking while I sat in that dark room listening to the doctor in the next room carefully explaining her diagnosis, that when I can see again, this will be a blog. This woman had Type II Diabetes and the doctor was breaking the news to her that she had the early stages of diabetic retinopathy. And.. she had a blood vessel in the back of her left eye that was close to hemorrhaging. If this occurred she would lose her eye site in that eye. Wow! What a tragedy for this woman. He then proceeded to tell her that if she did not change her diet from foods high in sugar, fats, and white flour to vegetables, fruits and grains, lose weight, and drop her blood pressure, she would develop the same issue in the other eye.

I was extremely relieved with my results. The doctor walked in and said I had the corneas of a 30 year old! And I had no signs of macular degeneration. I was delighted! I asked what was I doing that I should continue doing? He shared that there has been an enormous amount of research done over the past 10 years regarding the connection between our nutritional plan and eye diseases and disorders. When I told him I was a Vegan, he said, "well.. there’s your answer." A plant--based nutritional plan enriched with deep green leafy vegetables is one of the many ways to keep eyes healthy.

This is just another very sad example of how our lifestyle can make us ill, handing us a grim future. Diabetes, cancer, heart disease, auto-immune diseases are preventable just by changing from the standard American diet (SAD) to a plant-based nutritional plan. I know this from experience. Eating a plant-based nutritional plan, water-only fasting, exercise, and restful sleep, keeps my Systemic Lupus in remission and keeps me medication free.

When is your next eye exam?

Until next time......


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