Friday, October 23, 2009

KAMU FM Power Pledge Drive

Returning to KAMU FM 90.9 to help out with their "POWER pledge drive" yesterday was so much fun! I spent many years as an Engineer in TV and a year as Traffic Director for FM, so it was like "coming back home." I was honored to get the invite to help them out.

Vicki Holloway came up with the greatest idea of "Make a Pledge to Honor Your Pet" day and boy did it bring in the pledges! People would call and pledge in behalf of their cats, dogs, hamsters... even their chickens!! We had a lot of pledges for "pet kids" that have gone to pet heaven. Over $1300.00 was raised in just 2 hours!

KUDOS go out to Penny Zent, Vicki Holloway, Elaine Hoyak and Ed Hadden for continuing to provide the listeners with high quality programs and music.

BIG thanks to all my "peeps" that took the time to make a pledge. I appreciate it! You guys really step up when humbly called upon! THANK YOU!!!

I hope you guys will take a moment and think about what organizations are near and dear to you... and step up.... volunteer your time, effort, energy, ideas or money to help make that organization more successful in meeting the needs of those that depend upon it or in the case of KAMU FM... Totally enjoy it.

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