Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Texas Furniture Makers Show

I meant to post this sooner but had misplaced the pictures. Last week I blogged about our trip to Fredericksburg and while we were there we took a side trip to Kerrville. We went specifically to see the Texas Furniture Makers Show at the Arts and Crafts center. This was a showcase of all the beautiful custom made furniture pieces from woodworkers around Texas.

As you can see from the pictures, there is much talent, creativity and skill in each custom made "jewel." What a true art and gift.... to take a simple piece of wood and carve it, press it, turn it and finish it into something so original and so unique as these custom made items.
I hope you will enjoy looking at these pictures as much as we enjoyed viewing these awesome works of art and skill!

This is a working ferris wheel. All the little baskets and all the little people are carved and molded into shape

There was so much from which to choose..... took tons of pics.... and chose some of my faves.

Just look at this gorgeous pottery. You would not think they were made from wood.

I was in such "awe" and admiration of these talented woodworkers. Until I married the Hubby Bear.... almost 27 years ago.... I never took the time to appreciate the true depth and meaning of custom woodworking. Each piece has its own story. Each piece was a moment's idea in the artist mind... and thru much design and hard work.. came to fruition.

I invite you to google Texas Furniture Makers shows and find out when there might be another show somewhere in Texas... make plans to go.... and see for yourself.... this is truely an eye opening education into the world of custom made furniture!

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