Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gearing Down

Now that the feast is devoured......

and the shop till you drop has ended.....

take some time to enjoy the rest of your Holiday weekend!

Until Next Time......

Good Health to All!!!


  1. I hope you are taking the time to enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend as well!
    In response to your post on my blog...I'm so sorry to hear you had to cook a turkey. I can imagine that would be emotionally draining. However, if I were a turkey who were going to become someone's dinner, I would prefer to be prepared by someone who were conscious of the sacrifice I made and who appreciated the fact that I was once a living being, than by someone who thought of me only as a meal.
    Did you know that they have vegan marshmallows, which I've heard have great reviews? are the ones I saw in a book once. Or maybe that's what you used, I dunno! Anyway I hope you had a restful Thanksgiving and a good time catching up with family!

  2. It was a very tough several days for sure :-(