Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vision Voice Veg*n for the Brazos Valley Meet Up

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd, is the 3rd meetup for our group! YAY!!!

The wonderful Village Cafe is the place at 6:30pm. Chef Martin and the great folks will prepare another fantastic special menu for us as great prices. You DON’T have to order if you don’t want to.

JOHN BORDEN, of Edible Aggieland, will be our guest speaker. He’ll talk about what his group is doing in the community in the way of edible landscaping. YAY, John!

We’ll also talk about Bless the Beasts and the Children holiday donation drive thru, which is coming along nicely! I am impressed with the organization’s volunteers that are stepping up to help with this event. To catch up on the latest.. check out the blog.

There are a few more events our group can get involved in that benefits some great causes. If you are interested, just contact me.

Look forward to seeing you at tomorrow night's meeting!

Until Next Time......


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