Saturday, August 22, 2009


“Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely unrelated.....”

Here I stand in a moment of panic & fear. I questioned what I had done....What I had done was to run away from a treatment plan that was no longer working! Hello? The only option of controlling the Lupus was to start cancer drugs... Really? I didn’t believe it. I knew there had to be another way. “What is the other option?” Well, at this point.. I had no idea & had no idea where to look or what to look for. There had to be something beyond endless meds, Dr’s and tests!

Heading thru the narrow hallway back to the restroom at GOLDS, I ran into a former client I’d not seen in 2 years. Little did I realize this woman “held” the answer to “what I didn’t know what I was looking for....” In our conversation, the topic of water-only fasting came up and how it cured her daughter.... she’d been deathly ill for many months. And with no diagnosis from western medicine, this woman took her daughter to a fasting clinic. She returned after 2.5 months... free of illness, healthy and strong. As my former client elaborated, in one“light bulb serendipitous moment,” I quickly realized.... THIS was my other option!

Since the beginning of time, people have water fasted. In Biblical times we read about Elijah, Moses, David, and Jesus fasting endless weeks for various reasons. “Fasting is defined as the complete abstinence from all substances except pure water in an environment of complete rest,” Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Founder and Director of True North Health and Wellness Center in Santa Rosa, California. The focus is to completely shut down the digestive system so the body can heal itself. During this process, our body has the miraculous ability to rid itself of toxins that build up in our intestines, kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, blood, lungs, brain, muscles, & sinuses. Toxins and poisons we are exposed to daily from consuming the standard american diet (SAD) & breathing polluted air. Given a long enough fast, the body will cleanse and heal itself. At the end of the fast, the body is free of disease, pollution, & damage done from the antibiotics and hormones found in animal products and by-products, the pesticides sprayed on our produce, and consumption of artificial sweetners, sugar, trans fats and processed foods.

I did my first water-only fast in May/June of 2005 for 29 days. (And was nothing like I could have ever imagined... probably a topic left for another blog!) After completing the fast, I refed as a Vegan. I had no idea what it meant to be a Vegan... except I could no longer have “hot wings n beer” or “fajitas n ‘ritas!” What the heck would I eat?

Kidding aside, the fast put my SLE in remission and left me medication free. I routinely return to True North for long periods of fasting and do short fasts in my home. Water-only fasting and practicing the Vegan nutritional plan is how *** I *** control my SLE... not the Dr’s and not the drugs!

To learn more about the awesome benefits of water-only fasting, I invite you to check out True North’s website.

Until next time..... GOOD HEALTH TO ALL!

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