Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Stolen Moment

I love the early mornings, especially after having a restful night’s sleep. This morning, as I waited for my decaf coffee to brew, I sat in a chair in the outside courtyard. Watching my Beagle “children,” Jack n Jilly as they sniffed every inch of the yard, the fence, the side of the house, each other and me, I thought about how much I enjoy this time of year.

The dry air had the crispness of the fall season and the chill of the northern breeze made me glad I had put on Hubby Bear’s jumbo size, thick, plush terry cloth robe. As I sat there snuggled up, I could hear the roosters greeting the early morning. A flock of geese, maybe?, chattered as they flew overhead and the dawn sky was awakening to the glorious red, orange and yellow colors of the Saturday morning sun. I knew I was going to enjoy this most beautiful day!

Hope you enjoy your Saturday, too!

Until Next Time.......


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