Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time Away to Rehab My Baby Boy Beagle

Nothing brings you to your knees and stops your heart as quickly as an injury to your "child." Whether it is a human child or a four-legged, furry little one with a tail.

On January 31st, our baby boy Beagle, Jack, ruptured a disc in his spine. T11/T12. In a matter of nano seconds he lost all use and mobility of his hind legs. He was completely paralyzed. We rushed him to Texas A&M University's Vet School immediately where he had emergency surgery to repair the disc. We were fearful that his spine had been damaged beyond repair and he would be paralyzed for the rest of his little life.

But with much prayers from a lot of folks and positive thoughts and optimism.... the little man came home on the 9th of February. Along with underwater rehab at TAMU, Hubby Bear and I are currently working daily with him to help him regain the use of his hind legs, coordination, strength and balance.

I've been extremely busy with this sweet boy and have not blogged in awhile. So many folks have inquired about HumbleVegan... and I thank you for checking in. I appreciate each one of you following HumbleVegan and look forward to returning to blogging in March.

So, for now... I am focused and dedicated to Jack and his recovery. I will post updates the next couple of weeks.

Be on the look out for HumbleVegan's return!

Until Next Time.....