Monday, September 7, 2009

My Humble Hero

This past weekend a gorgeous, tiny, little, shiny black hummingbird flew into our garage. Much smaller then these in this picture. I think he was just a baby. I had my nose stuck to the computer... (where else would it be?) and was totally engrossed in creating a blog, when Hubby Bear came in and casually mentioned.."I left the garage doors open cuz a hummingbird is flying around in the garage." I stopped what I was doing. My heart sank. I had this overwhelming fear for that little guy.

I got up and went out to the garage. I slowly opened the side door and quietly stepped in. There he was... this tiny little creature. Buzzing, endlessly around and around above the open doors. Taking just a few seconds here and there to land on the cables for a quick rest before hitting it again. If you listened closely, you could hear the quiet "whisp..whisp"... of his little wings. You could see his little chest and how hard he was breathing.

"HumB" was lost and had no idea of how to get out as he was focused on flying between the ceiling and the top of the open doors. He couldn't see that the doors were open and he kept hitting his tiny little head on the ceiling. I was heart broken for this lil guy.

Some people would remark..."stupid bird." or "Birds are really dumb." Let me humbly remind these thoughtless twits, that any living creature can get lost...including we humans. Ever been lost in the woods or while hiking in the mountains or while driving in a foreign city or perhaps caught in a blizzard? I know if, for whatever reason, I wound up in a hedge labyrinth, or in a snow storm while hiking in the mountains of New Mexico, I could get lost for days. So, it has nothing to do with intelligence or stupidity... it's simply finding yourself in an unknown, unfamiliar environment, and not knowing which direction is the way out.

I grabbed the broom, thinking I could "gingerly" coax this sweet little bird out the side door. He just flew so close to the ceiling and could never see the open doors. After about 15 minutes of chasing him around, I decided I needed another plan. I was wearing me out and Hum B. He needed to rest.

I returned to the house and "googled" "how do I get a hummingbird out of my garage?" And up popped TONS of posts. Thank goodness other people had this issue and took the time to post solutions. One said to "move your hummingbird feeder" into the garage. We don't have one. Ok, next solution. Place some of the flowers hummingbirds like in the garage. We don't have flowers. (This is not going well..) Third one noted that hummingbirds most likely are attracted by the RED emergency release handle in our garages because they look a lot like their favorite red trumpet creeper flowers. This post said to place something "red" in the doorway. I ran upstairs and grabbed a red towel, flew downstairs and out to the garage. Strung up the red towel on the side door, picked up the broom again and tried directing Hum B to the towel. No luck.

Hubby Bear came out and mentioned that birds are attracted to light (who knew? I am a city girl) so we may have to wait till dark before he leaves. This little guy was not going to make it till dark. As I was reading on the web about birds in garages... I was stunned by a statement, "after about one hour, the hummingbird will exhaust itself and die of starvation if not rescued." So, I was frantic at this point to help Hum B. I grabbed the flashlight and shined it toward him.... nothing. I was panicky.

Then the Hubby Bear returned to the garage and said boldly, "I have an idea!" We took large cardboard pieces and placed them over each window, closed all the doors except the open side door and hung the red towel over that door. Hum B was still buzzing endlessly around and around. But he was getting closer to the open door. Just when we thought he had found the way out... he took a sharp right turn and flew up the garage stairs to the second floor. Dang! how will we get him back downstairs.

Hubby Bear took the broom and headed upstairs. I heard him stomping around.. hitting the walls with the broom and I started to cry. I just knew this little guy was not going to survive. Bless his heart... thru no fault of his own... out for a Saturday stroll.... flew into our garage and became disoriented. This would be his demise. I hear nothing... it was quiet.. no sound of Hum B buzzing around and hitting the ceiling, no sound of the broom hitting the walls... I knew it was over.

Then, all of a sudden... I hear Hubby Bear carefully coming down the stairs with the broom in his hand. There was Hum B resting on the bristles. He took him out the side door and Hum B flew away... back to his family.

Oh! Happy Day! I ran to Hubby Bear and hugged him. He had rescued this little creature of God. Hubby Bear is truly..... my Humble Hero.
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