Thursday, September 3, 2009

Humble Book Review: The Pleasure Trap

Each time I fast at True North Health Center, now located in Santa Rosa, California, I have the "pleasure" of chatting with the two authors of this book. I always look forward to Dr. Douglas Lisle's and Dr. Alan Goldhamer's informative and infinitely entertaining weekly lectures at the clinic. The Pleasure Trap holds a special meaning to me and is one book that I keep handy, as I read and re-read it regularly. This book keeps me grounded & focused in living life as a "True North Vegan."

"The Pleasure Trap is about the nature of your own struggle for healthy living." This little book is an in-depth psychological study into why we act the way we do and why we make the choices that continually wreak havoc on our daily living.

The authors discuss "the motivational triad" and how we are driven and controlled by this phenomenon. We humans are programmed to seek pleasure, avoid pain and do it, with little or no effort. Certainly nothing wrong with this, as these are natural goals for all living creatures. But, because we demand instant gratification, we can get into a lot of trouble. Oh the rewards of pushing those “magic buttons!”

We see this within our activities of daily living. No longer is snail mail, phone calls, or emails quick enough, we now prefer to text and tweet. No longer do we take the time to sit & have a meal with friends or family. Nor do we take time to shop at the market and actually cook a meal. Instead we "drive thru" or better yet, from the comfort of our couches, we call or go online to order up delivery. And if we keep the front door unlocked, we don't even have to get up off our buns to accept the delivery. We desire "on demand" movies at home, webinars instead of attending classes, and commercial free entertainment. Not all this is bad, but simple examples of the motivational triad and how it affects our lives and our choices.

The Pleasure Trap reminds us of how easily we fall prey to temptations and can quickly stray from the wellness-minded path to health and fitness. The authors describe in detail the relationship of the chemical stimulations of brain to the food and drug pleasure traps. But, have no fear because the book offers us the ways to avoid the pleasure traps of life and the specific actions to take so that we stay on track.

1. Eat a plant-based food plan
2. Avoid animal flesh, seafood, fish, eggs, dairy, sodium, sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, white flour products, fats and oils
3. Exercise daily
4. Sleep at least 7 hours
5. Manage and avoid stress

If you seek insight into understanding why you choose chocolate over broccoli, or why you prefer to ride instead of walk, or why some choose heroin over sex & food, I invite you to read The Pleasure Trap. It will enlighten you and you won't be disappointed!

You can purchase this book from “Humble Vegan Favorite Reads and DVD’s”

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