Monday, April 12, 2010

AH....SPRING TIME.......

Wow! As I was standing in the laundry room washing my hands... I noticed that I can no longer see the house behind us. In the winter, because the brush is so thin, you can see almost the whole house. But now that spring is sprung... the brush is filled out, thick & full in all its greeness & now the house is almost hidden.

At the first part of spring, seems like everything grows so quickly... like on steroids. You can see day to day changes. Flowers, trees, bushes all experience a rebirth. Something else I just noticed is a VERY LARGE wasp tapping on the window & ..I am thinking “Dang I am so happy I am inside & you are outside!” Seriously, are the insects on steroids too? I dread seeing the first snake of the year!! (SCREAM!)

Spring, not only brings beautiful wildflowers & great weather, but also it’s my cue for my bi-annual “spring cleanup.” Everything within a mile’s radius....well maybe not a mile.... gets cleaned from top to bottom & everything in between....this includes pups & Hubby Bear LOL!!! Nothing like a clean, dust-free, bug-free environment to promote good health for those around it.

Spring is a fresh new start... a new beginning.... a new birth for creatures, a chance for new opportunities.... new dreams....It is a time to reflect & look ahead at the coming months of summer fun with family & friends.

So, it is only fitting that life is returning to normal as baby boy beagle ..Jack.... is doing much better. He is experiencing his own new beginning, his chance to dream again. He is maybe 65 to 70 percent & most likely won't be much more. But, bless his heart.... he can stand & walk on his own. He no longer requires his harness or his rear sling. We have to help him pee. His little rear end & hind legs wobble & he fishtails a bit... but, so do I sometimes! His hair is growing back & his nearly 3 inch scare on his back is no longer visible. He had so much hair shaved off his little body... we would joke & say all he needs now are a few tatoos & some body piercings!

Hubby Bear & I are so thankful that he is still with us. He has come a long way since I last blogged about Jack. And that would not have been possible without Dr. Tige Witsberger over at TAMU Vet School. God Bless him!

I hope to return to regular blogging... although my business is really picking up again...& for that .... I am again, very thankful. Finding time to blog every day, may be difficult, but several times a week will work. I have new recipes & new "Not So Humble Workouts" to share!

Thanks to all of you following this Humble Vegan, I appreciate each one of you! And if you are not yet following... I invite you to click on "FOLLOW THIS BLOG" right below my Humble Fit Bits. I would be thrilled & honored! dear ones.....I invite you to take a moment.... wherever you live...... stand still....look, listen, smell, touch.... & take in spring & all of its it will be fleeting & if you live in Texas..... the heat & humidity of the Texas weather will be upon us very soon.

Until Next Time.... Jack says.....


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