Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Butt of It All

Have ya noticed your butt sagging a little lately? Or your hams and quads don't have that "rock hard" look, anymore?

Try this routine 3 times a week for 8 weeks, and you'll like the way you look!

Do the "Suck n Squeeze"... you know.... suck in your gut and squeeze your butt. And remember to breath...don't hold your breath!

As always, if you have health issues, are deconditioned, have not worked out in awhile or lead a sedentary life check with your doctor before starting any exercise program

Butt Squeeze
Lie on your back and get into the modified bridge position.
Squeeze your butt 25 times, then squeeze and hold for 10 count, 25 times

Rest for 30 to 6o seconds

One Leg Squat and Reach
Stand on one leg with other knee bent
Squat down on one leg
Reach across with opposite arm and touch the floor
Stand up.. don’t touch foot to floor. Stay balanced on that one leg
Do this 25 times
Change to other leg and repeat 25 times

Rest for 30 to 6o seconds

Side Lunges
Start with legs together
Side lunge to the right, squat down, and return to legs together
Side lunge to the left, squat down and return to legs together
Do this 25 times each side

Repeat this interval 3 times.


Until next time.....


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