Monday, October 5, 2009

Humble Vegan Asian Stir Fry

Finally we are getting the rain we desperately needed for over 3 months. With temps in the triple digits for nearly 60 days, the foliage around here is brown and dead. We have one post oak that looks half dead. I hope this rain will revive it as I’d hate to lose such a gorgeous old tree.

Luckily we had beautifully perfect weather for Green First Friday this past Friday night. What a great event to draw attention to the need of protecting our Earth and local environment. You can read all about it on our VISION VOICE VEG*N’z for the Brazos Valley blogsite.

As I am most enjoying the dreary weather, it put me in the mood to cook up some Vegan Asian stir fry. I don’t make this often cuz I don’t eat much rice or noodles. I’ve been playing around with the spices and mixtures and came up with a really tasty dish that will take your buds on down to flavor town. It’s all about the spicy, hot, sweet flavors. Instead of noodles, I chose brown & wild rice. I normally don’t do oils... but you can’t have Asian stir fry without that fabulous flavor of sesame.

The first bite will absolutely tickle your taster. The individual flavors of the unmistakable ginger, nut butter, sweetness of the mandarin oranges, along with the curry, garlic and the HOT spicy sesame seed oil all mixing together like an acclaimed orchestra... Yes, this dish is an orchestra of flavors!

The ingredient amounts are what I used.... and I do like my food VERY flavorful.... so you may need to adjust to your tastes.

As always, I DO organic as much as possible.


Ok, start with a cup of steamed brown and wild rice. Set this aside.

Drain 1 small can of mandarin oranges (in their own juice, not syrup) In a bowl, make a mixture out of the OJ from the mandarin oranges and a spoon of nut butter. Mix well till creamy and smooth. Set aside.

In a HOT wok or wok-like skillet, add the following: (don’t turn down the heat just yet)

*a couple of Tablespoons of sesame oil
*add some celery thinly sliced on the angle as they sauté better
*thinly sliced white onion
*thinly sliced ginger (normally I'd use fresh, but had a new jar in stock)
*TONS of fresh pressed garlic

Now turn down the heat to medium. Let this simmer for about one minute. Toss in your sprouts. Normally I use mung bean sprouts, but had broccoli sprouts on hand. Mix and continue simmering.

*Add the rice and mix well

*Add ½ t to 1 T of curry and mix (curry paste is much more flavorful, but again, did not have it in the house... got to put this stuff on my market list!)

*Sprinkle on a heavy dose of HOT Sesame Seed Oil and mix

*Add the OJ/nut butter mixture and mix thoroughly

*Add 1 cup or so of thawed frozen peas and carrots and mix well

*Finally, add ¾ cup of mandarin oranges

*Mix well and heat until steamy hot

This is a dish to enjoy when you are in the mood for some comfort food or to enjoy on a dreary rainy day.

Until Next Time........



  1. It really turned out DEEEE-licous!! that only drawback... is your house smells like all the wonderful spices for a couple of days afterwards :-) Hope you like it...