Friday, August 28, 2009

Humble Chopped Salad

For most people this would be a salad made for 4..... but for me... normal serving size of salad...all of it.. every last morsel.

At True North Health and Wellness Center in Santa Rosa CA, we were taught to eat at least 2 (lbs) of raw everyday.... Yeah.. Yeah.. I know, "That sounds like an awfully lot!" "No way I can eat that much!" You'd be surprised, for in this salad are 2 pounds of raw veggies. REALLY!

Now, I like my salads CHOPPED. I don't do big chunk salads. I don't want to have to waste time cutting up my lettuce, tomatoes, cukes (as in cucumbers) or carrots before I can even take a bite. I keep my frig stocked with tons of veggies, so I always have a huge variety from which to choose. I always have jars and more jars of nuts and seeds and some fruit ... I must admit, I am not big on fruit... but that's just me...

And remember... I don't measure. I don't use many recipes, either. Most of what I make.. is driven by my taste buds and cravings...... so I never know for sure what I will eat from day to day. And I LIKE it like that :-)

Just a quick & fast blog today as I have a full plate... or should I say .. "Full bowl," today.. Get it? HEE... Yeah... well.. ok.. here is what's in this salad. Made from 90% all organics. I make TONS of different types of salads that I will share with you!
As always.... I DO Organic as much as possible!


Grab a big mixing bowl or serving bowl and your food processor & let's get this started!
Shredded white cabbage
Shredded carrots
Chopped red bells, radishes, cukes, celery
Raw corn cut right off the cob
Chopped cilantro
Chopped fruit of choice
Sunflower seeds
Lots of minced garlic
Mrs Dash's Extra Spicy sprinkles (this is sodium free, sugar and artificial sweetener free, no preservatives and no additives... just all spices)

Mix all together in a bowl. Add your favorite dressing on the side or mix in a little with the salad. There ya go... ready to eat.. right outta that bowl! Very little mess to clean up. Just look at all those gorgeous veggies... and you can clearly see the Mrs Dash spices.... YUMMY!!! (I gotta go eat breakfast!)
This is a sneaky way of getting the majority of your daily veggies! Fills you up & satisfys the hungry tummy!


Until next time.....


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