Friday, January 22, 2010

Humbled... By a NO LEFT TURN Sign

Yesterday I got a ticket...... it’s been 10 years since my last ticket. That one was for my usual, in a big hurry... speeding and not realizing it...ticket. Yesterday’s ticket was for making an illegal left turn.

What is it about getting a ticket that can transport you back to 2nd grade... when you would get into trouble for “whatever” on the playground? Right there, in front of everyone, the teacher would scold you. It would leave you feeling embarrassed, humiliated, beaten, and wanting to run away with your tail between your legs.

I got up at 4am yesterday morning... knowing it was going to be a relentless day of nothing but GO>>>GO>>>>GO>>>>>GO!!!! I was forced to hit the ground running as soon as I awoke. I had a TON of errands, (I HATE errands.. as errands = spending money.. and I HATE spending $$!) a TON of clients to train and had to fit in a hair cut and my own work out. With more “Stuff” to get accomplished then time to spare.. it was an easy set up for disaster.

In a short 45 minutes between clients... I zoomed to Target. Got stuff.. zoomed out and had to get to HEB. Well, BCS is known for making it as difficult as possible for patrons to access merchants by placing medians everywhere.... so right hand turns, in most cases, are the only options. Ok, HEB is right across the street from Target... I decided to go behind Target and then I could scoot across to the parking lot of HEB.... but.. oh no.... a partial median and a “no left turn” sign was staring me down.

This is when my better judgment took a nap. And my other little voice took over...... “Look, there are no cars in either direction..... just zip across, make the turn and “Tah Dah...” you can be at your destination without having to go way the heck outta your way!” Ok... so, I did it... and made it to the HEB lot... happily on my way to find a place to park so I could once again.. get out and zoom thru the store and get on to my next client.

Whoa! What is that in my rear view? Motorcycle with blinking, flashing lights? And then the question I always ask myself when I am about to be stopped by a policeman...”where the heck did you come from?” I guess in my “looking around” back there... I neglected to look for the famous “Holloman Motorcycle Cop.”

To my surprise, a LOT has changed in the 10 years since my last ticket..... As I got out of my car and approached the officer (I always do this.... I like to meet the police officers half way...odd, I know...) he introduced himself and was so very polite. He even complimented me on my hair cut! It made this "scolding" a little more tolerable.

So, my patience was challenged yesterday..... and it lost. I lost precious time, albeit, a pleasant experience with the Officer, it would have saved me the time I needed had I been patient and abided by the traffic sign. And, now I will spend money... paying for the "fee" for taking the course and paying for the course itself.... and I lose even MORE time when I have to sit in front of the computer for hours taking the course.... Blah!

This blog has nothing to do with being Vegan... but has everything to do with being Humble.

Until Next Time.....


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