Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just a Humble Two Pounds of Raw.....

TWO pounds of raw daily.... when I tell folks that I eat at least 2 lbs of raw veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, & beans daily.... they find it hard to believe. I get comments like....."Doesn’t your mouth get tired?" or "bet you spend a lot of time in the john!" Heee... I really like the reactions I get... It's almost as fun as when people find out I am Vegan!

This picture is an example of 2 pounds of veggies and fruit. It's not that much, really. When you think about all the times you prepare your salad... what do you do while your chopping and slicing? Most likely you are chomping down on a carrot, several celery stalks, 1/2 dozen radishes, cucumber slices. Even before you've finished preparing the salad.. you've eaten maybe 1/4 pound. You don't have to eat it all at once... (although I usually do, as I eat more then 2 lbs. daily)... you can have a large salad for lunch and then have a plate of cut up veggies and fruit with some of my homemade hummus as part of your evening meal. You can include raw nuts, seeds and raw beans, as well. These go great in salads like my Humble chopped salads.

I follow the True North Wellness Center's nutritional plan. Located just an hour north of San Francisco, the director and founder, Dr. Alan Goldhamer has set up a very specific and strict Vegan nutritional plan that compliments the water-only fasting programs. When you eat TN's Vegan plan, your body continues to detox and stays "clean" after your water-only fast is completed.

In addition to eating 2 lbs of raw daily, Dr. Goldhamer's nutritional plan includes:

*No animal flesh or byproducts of animal flesh
*No dairy or byproducts of dairy
*No sugar
*No artificial sweeteners
*No sodium
*No oils or fats
*No processed foods
*No white flour or white flour products
*No alcohol
*No nicotine

On my own... I have included no consumption of all bread and bread products, as well as no honey and no soy of any type.

As followers of this plan, we are taught to eat raw first, and then steamed veggies, then beans & potatoes, followed by grains and nuts. We humans are naturally drawn to caloric dense foods.... you know that... right? When you see in front of you the choice between a salad and chocolate cake..... you know which direction you're gonna head! The objective of Dr. Goldhamer's plan is to fill your gut with lots of raw as this satisfies and fills you up. Then, you won't eat as much of the higher calorie foods.

What I enjoy about this plan, is I can eat as much of anything as I like... as long as I follow the order of eating....and not gain a pound!

This is a BIG step for most folks.... I just recommend trying to add a little more raw veggies, fruits and nuts to your daily food plan. And of course... you know how I feel about ORGANIC....

Go for as much ORGANIC as possible. You might find that you'll feel better, you won't eat as much high calorie foods, you'll discover a huge world of amazing produce that perhaps you never knew existed, and... You get your daily nutrients.

Until next time......



  1. I'm trying to improve my diet, but am finding that despite lots of salads, beans and fresh fruit, I'm getting hungry all the time and getting bad cravings for junk food.

    The diet I'm following is Fuhrman's Eat To Live (the vegan versions). We're in winter right now, and I just seem to want to eat eat eat, but the fresh produce just isn't filling me up.

    Any ideas? I'd love to know how you do it! I don't want to introduce grains, but I want to stop getting these cravings!

  2. Hi there! thanks for the post! Unfortunately, cravings can be a BIG issue .. unless you have water-only fasted first. When you water-only fast all of your cravings and food addictions disappear.. POOF! What you are craving is the sodium, sugar (HFCS if your talking junk food) and vegetable, Trans or cottonseed or peanut oil fats. And yes, you are right... the winter time gives a cue to us "eat more as it will soon be time to hibernate." If you introduce some brown rice, wehini rice (this is the deep red rice) or black rice and some quinoa a couple times a week.. this will help with your "carb" cravings. Also, white baked potatoes stuffed with black beans, salsa and guacamole will be a nice treat for your taste buds... How long have you been on this plan? you can email me slyck@swbell.net to discuss further, i f you like..... thanks!!