Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet Pear Guac

My my..... Spring has come to Texas. Our pasture is full of beautiful wildflowers the color of the rainbow. The post oak trees are budding out.. which for one in particular.. is a miracle. After two months of triple digit temps last year..... I knew that tree was doomed and dead. But the cool spring temps and bright sunshine.. along with a LOT of rain the past month... has brought the old tree back to life.

This has nothing to do with preparing guacamole.... but as I sit here at the computer looking out the window... I just had to enjoy the spring time beauty for a moment. Ok, back to the point of this blog!

Growing up in northern New Mexico, I was raised on guacamole..... and not just plain 'cados and tomatoes with a few peppers thrown in..... but on many flavorful and odd variations. This is one of my favorites. This is made with ripe, sweet pears. And the organic Bartlet pears right now are just heavenly! Sweet, juicy and so ripe!

The one I used in this recipe is as ripe as it can get without spoiling. And this is the pear you want in this guac. Take the sweetness of the pear, the "sting" of the fresh pressed garlic, your favorite salsa, the heat of fresh jalapenos or New Mexico Hatch green chiles and the tartness of the lime.... you've got an explosion of flavors in your mouth that is completely off that boring beaten path of restaurant guacamole. I was out of cilantro... or you would have seen some of that in it as well.

Try other fruits with your 'cados, too. Fresh, sweet, organic pineapple with a little cayenne pepper is so very good. As is organic green grapes and organic chopped pecans. Just let your imagination run wild... get creative with your next guacamole!
As always..... I DO organic as much as possible

This is so simple and so quick.... here is what you will need:

*couple of avocados, peeled and pitted. Sliced in half and placed in a dish

*1 medium sized soft, juicy lime

*couple cloves of garlic, pressed or finely chopped

*your favorite salsa. I make mine by tossing fresh tomatoes, white onion, cilantro, jalapenos, fresh garlic, fresh lime juice in a food processor. Very easy.

*1 medium size ripe and juicy pear, finely diced

Squeeze the lime juice all over the 'cados... soaking them.
Take a knife and fork or potato masher and smash up the 'cados. I like mine with chunks in it.
Add the garlic, about a tablespoon of salsa and mix.
Gently fold in the pear. And that's it!

You are ready to serve this with your favorite chip, cracker or sliced cukes, jicama, or carrot & celery sticks. This is also great to serve on top of your favorite Mexican dish.... Veg*n enchiladas, tacos, tamales. Or for you non-Veg*nz...... serve on grilled salmon, tilapia or shrimp!

Hope you enjoy this!

Until Next Time.....

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