Friday, August 21, 2009


I chose the Humble Vegan as my blog name because I realize how quickly a disease can strip you of your self worth & a belief that your body will always be healthy, strong & independent. The day I was diagnosed w/ Systemic Lupus Erythmetosis (SLE) in 1999, my life changed in ways I could not imagine. I was in a trap of doctors, medications, relentless pain, agony, fatigue & hopelessness. My life no longer belonged to me. I depended upon doctors who depended upon steroids, anti-malaria drugs, pain killers & muscle relaxers to "control" the SLE... and consequently .. control my life.

At some point 6 years after the diagnosis, the meds stopped working. The next level of meds ... cancer drugs...."cancer drugs? really?"... I knew those drugs would kill me before the SLE did. I stood up for this riddled body & belted out a loud "NO! I won't take any more drugs!" I fired all of my doctors & was told I was making a big mistake. I some how knew there HAD to be another option.... altho I had no idea what it was at that time. I quickly realized I had to gain control of my body & life again.

How fragile health is, truly. One day I was strong & free of illness and then all in a moment's whisper.. I was brought to my knees. It was this day in 1999 that I personally experienced ... humility.

If you are unfamiliar with SLE, here is a great website

Did I find "the other option?"

Until next time......GOOD HEALTH TO ALL

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