Monday, January 11, 2010

Where Are We Headed?

From CBS news this past week, here are the latest sad and sobering statistics about this nation’s health:

*Regarding the number of people overweight
15% in 1970
23% in 1990
35% in 2000
(You see where this is headed, right? In this new decade... 50% of this nation could be overweight with a major portion of that 50% ....obese)

*190 million Americans are either over weight or obese.

*150 BILLION dollars is the cost to the health industry annually to treat these people.
(This dollar amount will only increase ....and this is one reason, IMHO, that “affordable” healthcare for everyone is a pipe dream)

*In the past 10 years....childhood obesity has tripled and there is a shorter life expectancy since the civil war for kids.

*In a study done in Houston by doctors and cardiologists from Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital of 97 children....3 out of 4 kids were overweight or obese.

*70% of the children are set
up for coronary artery disease by their 30's & 40's.

*When these children were asked why they thought they were obese, they responded with answers that implied pain, feelings of loneliness, unwanted, & disliked at school. Guilt and sadness for not “looking like the magazine pictures.” These are emotions that our children are feeling!

*When asked why they ate so much junk food, these kids admitted there were money issues within their households and cheap fast food for less money was the answer.

*Our Government is of little or no help. In fact, our Government is an enabler of poor nutrition.... paying 56 BILLION dollars over the past 10 years subsidizing farmers/produce farmers to grow corn and soy beans. Where as organic, healthy produce $ nothing, nada, zip!

*We consume 500 extra calories a day compared to 25 years ago. That means in 7 days we will gain one pound from these extra calories.

*There are SIX fast food places for every one market that offers fresh produce.

*The campaigns for Fast/Processed Foods and Smoking are so similar, in that they

Both market to children
Both have strong, powerful lobbyist
Both are producing severe to fatal health problems

*Regarding soda pop, there would be a 10% decrease in sales and a 10 BILLION dollar decrease if a 1% tax was placed on sodas.

*60% of Americans are against a tax on junk food.

So, I invite you to think about this..... What can YOU do to help turn these stats around? What can this nation do to prevent us from becoming a nation that is 50% obese or overweight in this new decade? How can we get the government out of our food choices and out of our kitchens?

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