Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Friends

A new friend is like a new novel. You can hardly wait to snuggle into a cozy couch with a really great HOT cup-a Joe, (decaf for me, please,) on a cold, snowy afternoon, next to a warm, cracklin' fire in the fireplace..... WHOA!!.. Ok... sorry.... flashback to the mountains of northern New Mexico.

But, you get the picture... a new friend is like a new book in that you can hardly wait to open it to page one, chapter one and learn all about the topic, the stories, the ups and downs, the hardships, the surprises, the fun-filled experiences.... all.. chapter by chapter, page by page.

Today, I am having lunch with a new friend. I invite you to open your heart and expand your zone. Invite new friends to enter. In current times, we hide behind our computers, our cell phones, our tweets, and our voicemail. We have a set, sometimes closed, circle of friends. New friends can be so easily over looked and ignored. You may be missing out on the next greatest "novel" ever written ... and ever read!

Enjoy this day!

Until next time.....


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