Monday, September 28, 2009

Humble Gentle Beast

This past Saturday afternoon, I had the delightful opportunity to work as a volunteer at the table for the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. This was the doggie social event of the year for the Responsible Dog Ownership Day at Veteran's Park. There were puppy dogs everywhere, all sizes, all ages, all breeds, all colors and all personalities. These babies were having the time of their life, licking, sniffing and ka-noodlin’ each other. There were contests for the tallest, the smallest, the loudest, the biggest, the ugliest, the prettiest..... lots of ribbons given out to worthy tail-waggers.

I was asked by a member of our Vegan/Vegetarian meetup group...VISION VOICE VEG*N’z for the Brazos work her table. She heads up the local Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. I had seen these beautiful creatures, but never knew the breed. These are the gorgeous white long-haired dogs you see out rustlin’ cattle. They are working dogs and keep the herds of cattle, pigs, goats and sheep in line. They don’t labor well here in Texas, as their coats are so very thick and long. Their bodies are not conducive to this heat and humidity.

Like all large dogs, for various “reasons,” they are “given up” and taken to shelters. Because of the size of these fabulous creatures, they are not readily adopted; and this means they are not kept long in the shelters until they are euthanized. Foster homes are needed for the Great Pyrenees. Their personalities are happy and eager to please. They are sweet natured, loveable and gentle beasts.

One in particular named Sully, attended the event. Sully was left on a highway with an amputated foot after suffering a broken leg. Now he can not use that leg and is need for an immediate prosthesis so he can walk comfortably again. Today, he limps and he suffers. Because of his 9 years of age, he is starting to see signs of arthritis and without the use of his leg, his skeletal structure is compromised. He will soon have hip, pelvic, spine and neck issues if he does not receive this prosthesis. Thru the help, generosity and expertise of several vets at the TAMU Small Animal Clinic and OrthoPets in Denver, Colorado, the cost of this procedure will only total $600.00.....a very small price that will give HUGE rewards to Sully.

“Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one animal.”

If you are interested in donating to Sully’s prosthesis, please contact me.

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