Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Here's a Quickie Meal!

Zooming around like crazy, going here and there with so little time left to prepare a great meal, I put this together in less then 30. The main time consumption here was the sliced baked sweet potatoes. But, as they baked, I put every thing else together. And what a colorful meal it made. And made from ALL organic! Even the frozen veggies!

This is what you'll need:
As always.... I DO Organic as much as possible!

1 large sweet potato, sliced about an 1/4th inch thick
Agave Nectar
Organic Cinnamon
Unsweetened pineapple juice
(normally I include sliced pineapple and sprinkle raisins and chopped raw walnuts on top, but was completely out of everything... gotta get to the market!)

In a baking dish, arrange the sliced potatoes like a "layered" pinwheel. Baste the slices with pineapple juice and drizzle a bit of Agave Nectar all over the top. Then, sprinkle with cinnamon. If you add the pineapple slices, alternate them with the potato slices.

Bake this at 350 to 400 for about 20 to 25 minutes. When 5 minutes of baking time remains, sprinkle the raisins and walnuts over the top and finish baking.

Next I open a bag of frozen lima beans and frozen french cut beans, either pour into same baking dish or separate ones. Place them in the oven along with the potatoes and bake for the same amount of time.

While the potatoes and veggies are baking, you can roast an ear of corn in the same oven. Or if you have a 2nd oven, just use it. When I oven roast corn, I just lay a small grate over the oven rack and put the corn right on top of the grate. It will roast at 400 degrees in about 15 minutes.

All of this great food will finish baking around the same time.

Sprinkle the veggies with your favorite Mrs Dash no salt, no sugar, no additives seasoning, (mine is the Southwest Chipoltle or Lemon Pepper,) fill up your plate... and Voilà!.... a great meal in less then 30!

Enjoy... and until next time..............



  1. What could you use for this recipe instead of agave nectar? I can't get that in New Zealand, and have no idea what to use instead. Honey? Orange juice?

  2. WOW!!! You are in NZ? How kewel is that?

    sure.. you could use OJ, Pinapple juice, apple juice, honey would be a good sub. I am vegan so I don't eat honey.. but that would certainly work :-) thanks for checking the blog out!!! Look forward to more responses, questions and comments :-)