Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Purple Slaw, Wehani Rice Mix, Tabouli Meal

WOW! if you like colorful meals.... you will LUV this one! And this is something you can make a lot of... ahead of time... and have multiple servings in your frig... just to dish out!

When you look over my recipe pics... you will notice I DO love color.... all of my recipes have wonderful color and texture to them... this will appeal to your vision.....if something looks really G O O D.... then you are more likely to try it!

What I like about this meal is you get a lot of great fiber with the red and white cabbage in the slaw and the spinach of the tabouli and you get a lot of good protein from the bulgar in the tabouli and the walnuts in the rice.

Ok, let's get started!

As Always, I DO as much ORGANIC as possible!

Go to my recipe for TABOULI


In a food processor add:

pieces of white and red cabbage and chop to a slaw consistency

Spoon out into a large bowl and add:
VERY thinly sliced red onions
Thinly sliced raw mushrooms.. or mushrooms lightly sauteed in veggie stock
1 can drained mandarin oranges (save the juice) (You can also use fresh pineapple or grapefruit. For the juice... use some apple cider vinegar! YUMM-OH!!)
Mix gently so the oranges don't get broken up too much

In the food processor or blender add:
the OJ from the oranges
4 or 5 cloves of fresh pressed garlic
a squirt of Agave Nectar
Mix and fold into the salad


Steam together:
1 cup Wehani
1 cup wild rice
1/2 cup brown rice

Mix with the rice in a large bowl
fresh chopped tomatoes
1 cup raisins
chopped raw walnuts
chopped raw jalapenos

There you have it!!! SO SIMPLE!! Just cut a head of iceburg lettuce in half, remove some of the center to make a bowl and serve your Tabouli in the lettuce bowl. Spoon out the rice and the slaw.. and you have a beautiful.... DEEEEE licious ......plate of low calorie, healthy goodness!!

Until Next Time......



  1. The slaw looks fantastic...I love purple foods :) I am gonna try it with a few substitutions (soaked date instead of agave, no garlic, fresh orange juice)...I'll let you know how it turns out!

  2. Thanks! Yeah... there are TONS of variations that can be done to the slaw. Ive used fresh squeezed OJ too before, its good. also, you would enjoy the tabouli... as nothing in it is cooked .... its all raw and has such an amazing flavor with the spinach and the mint...

  3. Ooh that does look great and would be a great use for the [dismal amount of] cilantro I have left in my little porch garden! How do you think it would be without the garlic/onion/cumin? I suppose I could just try it and find out :) I'm sure the fresh herbs hold their own quite well!

  4. well... kiddo.... you are asking the wrong person when it comes to herbs, spices, chiles and peppers...... because i LUV spicy, hot and flavorful foods..... but ya know what... like you said.. just give it a try. The fresh squeezed lemon will still add and keep a lot of the flavor.... lemme know :-)