Sunday, November 1, 2009


HAPPY WORLD VEGAN DAY!!!! and the beginning of WORLD VEGAN MONTH!!!

World Vegan Day/Month was established November 1st, 1994 & celebrations are world wide. This day and month recognizes Veganism as a lifestyle that honors and respects all animals, the environment and our Earth. Vegans don't eat animal flesh, animal by products, or dairy. Most Vegans don't wear clothing made from animal skin or fur, nor do they "sit" on animal skin or fur. Some Vegans don't use any products that have been tested on animals. We celebrate healthy and compassionate lifestyles.

World Vegan/Day month was "born" to create interest and awareness in Veganism and the positive, healthy impact it has on the health of our bodies, all living creatures, the environment and our Earth. This month gives we Vegans a chance to share our lifestyle and knowledge with people that may not have heard of Veganism or those that don't understand the difference between Vegans and Vegetarians.

So celebrate this day and the rest of this month!!! Go hug a Vegan!

AND stop by the Village Cafe today for a very special "Celebrate World Vegan Day" lunch!

Until next time....... (Remember to turn your clocks back one hour)



  1. Hi -

    I was just wondering if you designed the proud to be a vegan logo yourself or if someone else designed it. I am the admin of the facebook group Global Vegan Network. We are currently running a contest for a new group image, and someone submitted this image to the event. I will delete it if it is yours/copyrighted though.


  2. Hi there! I wish I could take credit :-) I found it on the internet.... it did not have a Copyright logo on it.... so it was ok for my little blog. But, not sure about using it for FACEBOOK Global Vegan Network.... ya know?

    WHich.... what is the GLobal Vegan Network? sounds great!!!!

    Thanks for the note :-)