Thursday, September 10, 2009

Veg*n Meet up

Food, drink, fun, chattin it up, shared ideas, interests and expectations.... this was the very first Veg*n (Vegan Vegetarian) meetup in BCS this past Tuesday night. The local Village Cafe was kind enough to host this event. There were 23 of “us,” who would have guessed there were that many Veg*ns in the area!

Chef Martin prepared a special menu of entrees just for us, consisting of Dolmas with hummus, Italian Vegetarian Lasagna and Blackened Vegan Tofu. All DEEEE licious!! He even made no dairy, no egg apple turnovers. I am only sorry that I was so darn busy during all of this; I did not get pictures of all the food. Hubby Bear got a pic of my dolma plate... and doesn’t it look tasty!

There was a variety of folks in attendance. From teens & twenties to seniors, all were cooking up some great ideas and suggestions for this group. People were looking for support, cooking ideas, recipes, eating out ideas, a social forum, supporting animal rights, addressing environmental issues, gardening, achieving health and fitness and making the transition from the SAD (standard American diet) over to vegetarianism or veganism, or making the transition from vegetarianism over to veganism. We had suggestions for awesome speakers, perhaps a trip to Houston and Austin to attend one of their Veg*n meet ups, plans to develop a newsletter, website, and blog to share recipes, meal ideas and info. I tell ya... these folks were H O T with ideas!!! The goals and interests of this group will cover a lot of facets....something for everyone.

I “gave birth” to this little group... and I will need “a village” to help raise it. Still, very young and not knowing how to walk yet, I have great hopes and ambitions for this group. We are all eager to be a part of something new, belonging to a group that shares our same ideas and interests, and wanting to make a difference in our community, our environment and our lives.

I will post the next meeting date for October... so be on the look out!

Until next time......



  1. Glad that I found your blog. Would have loved to make the gathering however am working till 7PM. Looks like a informative and tasty time. Schedule permitting look forward to making one of the gatherings. -

  2. Howdy! We were there until 8:30pm! No problem at all coming late to meetings :-) Next one looks like it is 6pm October 1st with details following....thanks for the comment!