Monday, August 24, 2009

Chattin' it up!

Last evening I had a rockin' good time with the great folks at KEOS FM 89.1! Left end of the dial done right!

As a guest on a fresh, new & innovative show Fair & Feminist, I chatted it up w/ F+F's hosts Shelly Blair & VandyRamadurai, 2 young, very hip gals who stand behind what they believe & are certainly not afraid to express these beliefs.

I admire & respect these 2 strong & independent women. At their age (just a few years ago.. HA!) , I certainly had no definitive goals or ambitions, nor was I confident in my beliefs. I was also pleasantly surprised they are both vegetarian. These are 2 very cool chics!

Among the many topics on the table were differences between vegan & vegetarian, myths, misconceptions & stereo-types, what it means to embrace the vegan lifestyle, the challenges & rewards of these lifestyles, & why PETA is not necessarily our "friend."

I'm working on posting the audio for this program. You can catch Shelly and Vandy on Fair and Feminist on Sundays, 6pm.

Meanwhile, I'm on a mission..... a quest.... a search that ties into all of the topics we discussed on Sunday's show. To find out more.......

Until next time... GOOD HEALTH TO ALL!

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