Monday, December 21, 2009


Hello first day of winter!!! I welcome you because the Texas summer of 2009 was HOT AS HELL!!!! 60 plus days of triple digit temps and 90 days of NO rain!!!

Cold weather always makes me want HOT soup, HOT oatmeal and HOT tea. This is the only reason I could never go 100% raw...... I gotta have HOT in the winter!

I just finished up a weekend of cooking up two of my favorite soups, Off the Hook Split Pea and Sweet Potato AND Humble Vegan Clam Chowder. Then I cooked up one of my favorite soup stocks, Garlic and Leek, to use as the base for future soups. And to finish all this off... I “crocked up” a big batch of garbanzo beans and saved the stock from the beans to use for future hot soups. All in all, I froze up 9 quarts to help get me thru December and January.

Check out my recipes for Off the Hook Split Pea and Sweet Potato soup and Humble Vegan Clam Chowder on my blogsite. I changed up the Split Pea and Sweet ‘Tator soup a little. Instead of the fresh dill and oregano, I added LOTS of curry and a "good size dash,” remember, I dig things HOT n SPICY, of cayenne. YUM-O!!!

The Garlic n Leek stock is just a change to my Humble Veggie Stock, in that I used a ton of leeks, you know those veggies that look like green onions on steroids! And I used a ton of garlic and no other vegetables, kept the thyme and added fresh rosemary. Another flavor-town winner for sure!!! Great for all soups, and to cook rice, beans, quinoa or pasta in.

Hope you are enjoying this first day of winter and can have some of your favorite soups to help keep you warm and comfy!

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