Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back in Time with a Tune

Whether it’s the “shoop-shoop do wah” of the 50’s or the “yeah..yeah..yeah..” of the 60’s, just hearing a song from the past can take you back in time in less then a nano-second.

Perhaps it was the junior high school, high school, or college years; or the first date, first kiss, first job, or the day of your wedding..... hearing a song from the past is one of the most powerful triggers of memory that has the unique ability to transport us back in time.

I was channel surfing on Sirius XM radio this morning and came across a song that immediately whisked me away...back to my 4th year of life. There I was in front of my older brother’s (10 years older) closed bedroom door, with my little furry pink rabbit house shoes on my feet, wearing my little flannel jammies, my long hair braided, dancing to the blaring music coming from his AM radio, KQEO, Albuquerque.

This particular song was one of my favorites as KQEO played it every morning about the same time. And every school morning, I would get up and run to my brother’s closed door to dance to the music as he got ready to head out to school.

And then as I surfed a little more, I came across a song that had me headed back to the dorky days of Jr. High School. 7th grade. My best friend and I would go to the “sock hops” every Friday night. (These were dances held in the gym that you had to take your shoes off and dance in your socks... clever, huh? LOL!!) I never liked to go because I was just not into dating at that point in my life. But, not wanting to go alone, she would drag me along. As this sweet haunting melody played out across the dance floor... I remember cringing... afraid I would be asked to dance..... to a SLOW song....a SLOW dance!!! I would hide behind anybody in hopes no guy would approach me. Well.... out of all the dances I was drug to.... only about twice was I asked to slow dance.... Thank goodness!

I love taking trips back in time... just from hearing a familiar song of the past. Good memories, bad memories, good times, of days gone by.

Oh, and the two songs I was talking about? From the late 1950’s....Bobby Day’s “Rockin’ Robin” and from the 1960’s, “Cherish” by the Association.

What's that one song that can take you back in time?

Until Next Time.....



  1. Haha! This brought back memories. I have an unhealthy obsession with the Monkees (commemorated in a tattoo on my right thigh), so they're always in my CD player, but when it comes to nostalgia songs, the mid-nineties is where I find most of them.

    Songs like "Freshmen" by Verve Pipe, Hanson tunes (I'm not ashamed!), those always take me back to high school or early college.

  2. doesn't it just give you the feeling of... "Aaah..those were the days..." :-)

    Peter Tork was my guy :-) and the whole decade of the 80's is my..."Oh i wish I could turn back time and live life again,) decade.

    It's so odd... that as we live our daily lives..we may never give one thought of high school or college days until a song plays... and BOOM! all those memories just dump right out on the floor... right in front of us.... How great is that! Our brain is the most fascinating organ in our body... and our memories that are stored in that brain ..hold the simple treasures of our past.

    glad this brought good memories for you!!