Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Humble Mission....

In my 2nd blog dated Saturday August 22nd, I addressed the two rituals I do to keep my Systemic Lupus in remission & keep me medication free......Practicing the Vegan nutritional plan & routine periods of water-only fasting. My latest water-only fast at True North Health & Wellness Center in Santa Rosa, Calif was this past May/June. After a 22 day fast & 10 day refeed, I was dreading the return home.

On Fair & Feminist, KEOS FM this past Sunday, I spoke of my "northern California cocoon" & how it kept me safe by surrounding me with support, encouragement & motivation. We were all Vegans or Vegetarians. We all basked in the glow of the wonderful benefits of consuming a plant based nutritional plan. http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_13191323

We were exposed daily to lectures from some of the world’s renowned intellects in the naturopathic fields & fasting industries. We refed on nothing but organics & attended cooking classes taught by the centers Vegan chef. Life was AWESOME!

I missed the hubby Bear & babies Jack n Jill... but other then that... I had no reason to return to the homeland community. I knew there would be no support or encouragement, (except from my hubby Bear, and thank goodness!) There would be no like-minded people in which to share ideas, adventures & recipes. Organics were not that plentiful, but better then 5 years ago & eating out would be challenging.

I came face to face with the fact that I was afraid. I felt alone..... isolated.... alienated. "a Vegan outta water." I knew that every day would be a challenge & a struggle as I had no friends that were Vegan or Vegetarian. I had no clients living those lifestyles. I knew of no acquaintances or peers. If I tried to share my experiences, I would receive the same 2 responses.... eyes glazed over with boredom or turn tail & run the other direction. No one was interested & no one cared.

Well..... staying in California was not an option as the Hubby Bear and Beagle twins were not willing to pull up stakes & make the move. So, I had a plan..... "ya gotta have a plan..." that is what I tell my clients. As soon as I got home, I would start looking around for a support group in the area. Once home & a few weeks of asking, searching, & hoping, I found nothing. There were NO support groups in this area for Vegan & or Vegetarians. Ok, no problem.... so I start my own!

Sounds really easy, huh? Where do I start? Ok, flyers, that’s good. But where to post the flyers.... this IS the heart of the BIG beef machine with a BBQ on every corner. Started with a local restaurant, The Village Cafe, a wonderfully new Vegetarian/Vegan eating place. Posted my first flyer, then submitted PSA's to 2 local radio stations, KEOS FM and KAMU FM. Sent a flyer to the new Village Foods market & to Brazos Natural Foods & from there..... the emails & flyers flew around like flies at a picnic. I began receiving inquiries & tons of emails with encouragement & positive responses. I was thrilled..... There ARE Vegans and Vegetarians out there in this community!!

So, the first part of my humble mission is finished. The next part is to gather these wonderful folks and form a meet up group that will take a presence in this community. I want us to make a positive impact on the surrounding, dispel the myths & stereotypes associated with these lifestyles & in light of the latest PETA shenanigans.... demonstrate that not all Vegans and Vegetarians are “radical whackos!” Check these out....


I look forward to the orientation meeting, hanging out & listening to their ideas, suggestions & passions they have regarding the groups direction. This IS an exciting time for this community...... VEGANS and VEGETARIANS..... UNITE!!!!

Until next time.... GOOD HEALTH TO ALL!

Are you Vegan or Vegetarian? Or intrigued with these lifestyles and want to know more?
Are you interested in building & supporting the Vegan/Vegetarian community of BCS?
Are you interested in networking with like-minded people?
Are you interested in seeking education & knowledge?
Are you interested in sharing info, interests & ideas?
Are you interested in starting a BCS meetup group for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Meetings scheduled at The delightful Village Café, 210 W 26th St.
First meeting, Tuesday the 8th of September 6pm
Chris & Kristy will make a special Vegan/Vegetarian menu for us at very reasonable prices.

If you want to be a part of this ground breaking group….
Send emails to Humblevegan@gmail.com


  1. and ...of course you will!! :-) thanks!! Look forward to meeting you!