Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Brand New Year, Brand New Decade

Two Thousand and Ten. Twenty-Ten. or Twenty-Dime. However you prefer to address this New Year, the start of a brand new year always brings with it a fresh slate. A fresh start. A new beginning. A chance to reboot our minds, our bodies, our emotions and to think about new goals and refocus on goals of the past that we quite never reached. This is the time when we recommit, refocus and rededicate our thoughts and attentions to making “this year” a better one.... whatever our individual “better” indicates.

I hope each one of you had a glorious, safe and joyous holiday season. It surely seems to me that this one “whooshed” by in a hurry. I know we all enjoyed the bountiful choices of delicious food and drink with our families, friends and peers. Food is certainly a major focus of those days between Halloween and New Years Day.

This, the 4th day of January of 2010 has me asking.....”What are your goals for this year?” As a personal fitness trainer and wellness coach, my interests are in your health and fitness goals, specifically. Is this the year that you finally decide to take the needed steps to gain control of your eating disorder? Of your escalating blood pressure? Of your high cholesterol? Of your ever expanding waist line?

In 2010, will you vow to be kinder to yourself? Will you stop passing judgment on why you aren’t more productive? Will you be more understanding and forgiving of yourself when you just can’t seem to manage your time more efficiently?

Will you recognize what a wonderful spirit you have? Will you see the goodness in all your intentions & deeds? Will you stop punishing yourself for not living up to your impossible perfections and high expectations that you set for yourself?

Is this the year that you look deep within your soul and find that person that you once loved.... that person that once truly loved everything about life?

In this, the beginning of a new decade, will you promise to be more patient with your children and your pets? Will you reach out to those that are silent and shy & to those that are in need of friendship and may lack attention? Will you assist and help those that ask?

2010 brings the opportunity of a makeover! A new you that realizes “I can’t do it all... as much as I think I can... I cannot. And I must ask for help.” A new you that is forgiving of setbacks, forgiving of lapses in will power, & forgiving of episodes of procrastination.

2010 is the year of forgiveness. 2010 is the year to give yourself and others “a break.”

As we all take inventory of our lives, ourselves, our relationships and give some thought to what I proposed above...... let me leave you with my rendition of the Serenity Prayer:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change... and give up trying to change them for heavens sake!

Grant me the courage to change the things I can.... and get out there and change them and quit "Beetching" about it!

Grant me the wisdom to know the difference...... and to stop wasting time and energy on things that I have no damn control over!”

Until Next Time......



  1. What a wonderful soul searching reflection on how to begin in the inside which in turn will effect the outside. I loved the part regarding forgiving yourself for not living up to unrealstic expectations, as well as, finding the person you once loved!!!! We have 360 days left to reach these goals!

  2. FABULOUS post!!!! I have to write a short comment because everytime I almost finish it vanishes due to some button I must be pushing??? I enjoyed the part where you discussed finding the person you loved once and that loved everything about life. 2010 must be that year =)! The great news is we have 360 days to acheive our New Year and our New You transformation!! Thank you for sharing the encouragement!

  3. so happy you liked this. i had you in mind for most of it as i was putting it together. this is your year, sara! hugs!

  4. Where were you when I was in B/CS??? I was there from 2003-2008 and never knew about a group like this. I searched high and low for a vegan group there but to no avail. :( I managed pretty well, considering the area, especially with the help of my friends from BNF (from whom I still get an e-mail newsletter, ha). It would have been awesome to have a group like that.

  5. Hi Stacie!! I am so happy you found my blog and... it looks like you have been looking at my group's blogsite too! I so wish you were still here in BCS so you could join us.

    I formed Vision Voice Veg*n'z for the Brazos Valley specifically.. as you said... because there were no vegans or vegetarian groups anywhere... unless I wanted to drive to houston or austin. We are brand new... only formed this past September. If you look at our blogsite... you can see we held our first "event" in December... Bless the Beasts and the Children. It was wonderful!

    It is STILL very difficult trying to live life as a Vegan here... even with the group. But, it makes it a little better.

    Hope you will follow my blog and I am on Facebook ... Slyck Pecena. would love to have you as a FB buddy!!!

    Thanks for your comment and keep in touch!!