Thursday, May 20, 2010

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fasting.... Part 1

Ok.. so yesterday was day one of my 21 day water-only fast. I shared how water-only fasting has been around since way before the days of Christ and was used as one of few medical treatments. Because we are the fattest, sickest people on earth and modern medicine of the 20th century is just not working... water-only fasting is making a big come back. The ability of the human body to heal itself is a miracle that cannot be ignored.

This is day two...... 19 more days! (unless I suffer a healing crises and have to break it early. I will discuss healing crises in a later blog) As this journey continues, you'll know all about the symptoms, side effects, & results of what occurs when the body is working hard to rid itself of toxins and poisons. Yes.... the good, the bad and the ugly. Some will be strangely bizarre....... from "green avocado-like goo" oozing from the belly button to pulling out pea sized wax from the ears. The normal cycle of detoxing includes sluffing off dry skin cells, metallic taste in the mouth, gooey white blanket that covers the tongue, indigestion, sinus drainage, nausea and headaches. But.. for yesterdays and last nights experiences.... not too bad at all.

The first day I always suffer from hunger....but I get past that by the evening. I did wake up early this morning .... around 2:30am with a bit of nausea and a slight headache. I soon went back to sleep and feel much better.

Now, it's time to share the preparation for a lengthy fast. The best thing to do to make your fast successful and less intense is about 3 weeks before you plan to start the fast..... go all raw. Raw veggies and fruits. No nuts, no bread, no cooked foods, no alcohol and no caffeine. Drink nothing but water. This will make the detox experience easier to endure.

What do you need to fast? Lots and lots of water and lots and lots rest. Drink about 1 gallon of either reverse osmosis water or water from a home distillery, daily. Nothing from the tap or the grocery store. It is very important to drink the water every day or dehydration can result... very quickly.

Getting plenty of rest is the 2nd most important factor of fasting. You cannot live your regular everyday lifestyle. This means, no going to work, no work at home, no running around town, no housework, and no taking care of the family. When you fast, you need complete rest and relaxation because you are not consuming any calories.... so your body has no fuel from which to burn. This would be like putting water in your car and then trying to start it up and driving..... just won't happen. Sleep and rest allows the body to do what it needs heal.

No contacts can be worn during the fast as eyes tend to dry out a bit. No showers or baths can be taken because the warm water will draw the blood away from the brain into the extremities and the chance of fainting is high. No lotions, oils, or toothpaste are allowed. There should be nothing absorbed thru the skin or swallowed.

During my fasting, my time is spent sleeping, reading, listening to music or audio books, & watching movies. I love to use the time to reflect on my life and what plans I can make for the future. This is also a perfect time to spend some quality time in the sun & will make the fast a more pleasurable experience. 15 to 20 minutes a day is all that's needed. Minimal clothes and of course, no sunscreen.

Check out tomorrow's blog. I will discuss the physiological effects of the fast and what exactly occurs in the body during the fasting experience.

Thank you for coming along on this fascinating journey with me!


Until Next Time.....


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