Saturday, May 22, 2010

More Stuff About Fasting... Part 2

Ya know those symptoms of fasting I listed last time? Well, let's just say.....It's been a tough day and a half for sure. This is day 4 of 21 days. 17 days left of my water-only fasting journey & I spent the last day or so with nausea and vomiting. But, don't "freak" this is just part of fasting for me... so I can deal. Later I will explain why some people have these symptoms while fasting.

According to Dr. Alan Goldhamer, Founder and Director of the True North Health and Wellness Center in Santa Rosa, California, there are 3 phases to water-only fasting. This explains the difference between juice fasting ("juicing") and other "detox" programs. From his article, Therapeutic Fasting, Dr. Goldhamer elaborates on the definition of "true" fasting:

"Therapeutic fasting is defined as the complete abstinence from all substances except pure water in an environment of complete rest. There are no substitutes. When therapeutic fasting is indicated, nothing else can be considered “just as good.”

Going without food ­-­­ even for a few days ­­- while working, exercising, worrying, etc. is not therapeutic fasting. A noisy, high stress and/or non-supportive environment will not provide the body the opportunity to maximize the self-healing mechanisms. To maximize the benefits of therapeutic fasting, complete rest is essential.

Eating only certain foods or drinking only juices is not therapeutic fasting. The physiological and clinical impact and benefits are different. This is not to say that juice diets or so-called elimination diets do not have a role. But they are not the same as therapeutic fasting.

When properly applied and conducted, therapeutic fasting is one of the most potent tools available for assisting the body in healing itself. When abused or applied injudiciously, harm can result. The most important advice I can give anyone regarding fasting is this. If you are going to undertake a fast, do it right or don’t do it."

During the time of the fast, the body uses different sources for fuel depending upon the phase. From glucose, amino acids and fats in phase 1, (the first 6 hours) to glycogen in phase 2, ( the first 24 to 48 hours) to phase 3 (14 to 40 days) where the body switches solely to fat metabolism. I invite you to read the complete article to learn about this miraculous body of ours and how it physiologically heals itself thru these phases. I think you will find it just fascinating!

When your body is given complete rest and sleep while fasting, this allows it to go to work. Cleansing and detoxing occurs in every inch of the body. The digestive system, circulatory system, muscles, joints, all internal organs, lungs, heart, brain, skin, hair, nails, ears, gums, teeth, eyes, & sinuses all benefit from fasting.

The body heals itself by releasing toxins and poisons that have been stored in all these areas from an unhealthy food plan, from pollutions in the environment, & from all the xenoestrogens found in all the plastics around us. All these toxins and poisons are flushed into the blood stream, enter the gastrointestinal track and then eliminated thru the urine and or regurgitation, sinus drainage, wax build up in the ears, eye drainage, coughing up mucus, belly button discharge and the white-gooey coating on the tongue. Depending on how quickly this process occurs will dictate the fasting symptoms or side effects people will experience.

During my first 29 day fast, I suffered more from the pain of the systemic lupus then from the symptoms of the fast. My 2nd fast of 22 days, I really had a tough time. I went into what’s called a healing crisis on the 4th day. Healing crises occurs when the body cleanses at a faster rate then the body can eliminate these toxins and poisons. Severe vomiting, nausea, and dehydration can occur. This is why it is so very important to do the water-only fast under medical supervision and in a qualified fasting facility like True North.

Ok, so now you know the difference between true fasting and juicing or other detox programs, how the body cleanses and why it is so important to get plenty of rest and sleep during a water-only fast.

In my next blog I will share more info regarding how your body heals itself during the fast, reactions and some interesting facts, research and studies performed regarding water-only fasting.


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  1. Water-only fasting, even for just a few days, has always been very beneficial to me. My weight goes down, my blood pressure goes down, my blood sugar goes down, my digestive system feels better, my heart rate slows down, and my energy level goes up.

  2. Isn't that just awesome! Thank you for commenting. I invite you to follow my blog.

    How often do you fast each year? Have you considered a lengthy fast? True North Health and Wellness is an amazing place to fast.... and the organic food they refeed us on is just unbelieveable! They have a fabulous Chef that gives vegan cooking lessons weekly during the fasting process.

    Are you Vegan?

    I am not so great today....this is the 5th day and I always get a H O T burning pain in my lower back that travels down to my feet.. just brings me to my knees. But it will pass in a few days. Probably won't blog today.

    My next blog will discuss those benefits you speak of. Check out the hypertension, high blood pressure and diabetes studies that have been done and published at True North on their website. They are very compelling!

    thanks again for reading my blog!