Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Tribute to my Dad & Hubby Bear

There are only two men that made a huge difference in my life. One left this earth 27 years ago and made an impact on my life that I will take with me when I leave this earth. The other, is my dear, wonderful Hubby Bear... who continues to inspire me, to amaze me with his knowledge and to make me want to be a kinder, gentler person. It is no surprise that I married this man.... in so many ways.... he is just like my Dad.

I love them both.

Here is a short tribute to my Dad on this Fathers Day of 2010. Many wishes go out to all fathers.... wherever they are........

I never thought I’d been lucky enough to have had a Dad with so much strength and feeling. My Dad had such integrity and goodness in his heart.

I appreciated him and the support he gave me.....I miss his wonderful sense of humor, his good nature and his way of not taking life so seriously.

He may not have been as perfect as I remember...Yet, in my eyes and in my heart....
There is no one else that is more genuine and precious to me.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad and Hubby Bear.

Until Next Time.......


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